Review of the Bonfire Down Jacket

Review of the Bonfire Down Jacket

Our family of two Giant Schnauzers and one Standard Schnauzer go winter tent camping several times during the season. Our dogs are fully outfitted in thermal jackets, snow pants and snow boots to protect them from the snow and ice and to keep them warm and dry. While browsing at our local MEC we spotted the beautiful Bonfire Down Jacket produced by Canadian Canine. We loved the fact that it was a down jacket and we decided to purchase it for our Standard Schnauzer to keep him warm in -20-degree Celsius. 

According to the sizing chart, our little boy was too big for the small size but barely big enough for the medium. We followed the sizing suggestion and purchased the larger medium size but found the chest area to be too spacious. I took in the chest section by 6 inches and tightened it up to fit him perfectly. I was going to add elastic straps to go around his hind legs to prevent the jacket from flipping up at the back but it did not require them. 

On the jacket's maiden voyage our little boy wore it throughout the night while sleeping in the tent and did not appear to be uncomfortable. We awoke on the first morning to below -15 degrees and he felt warm under his jacket. He ran and played with another dog and went for numerous hikes during the two days and the jacket did not sustain any damage. The outer material appears to be durable and the jacket is well constructed. The sleeve design and the leg cuffs provide good coverage and enable the jacket to be easily slipped on.       

My only suggestion is to add reflective piping along the back trim of the jacket. Even though he wore his light and there is reflective piping around the jacket collar, it was difficult to see him with our headlamps when he had his back to us. 

-Colleen O. 

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